We Are Made To Worship

Worship is built into the fabric of our souls.  When we have something good happen we shout it out, we talk about it with friends and family, we lift our hands to heaven.

Worship is woven into the Story from the beginning of the Word in Genesis through Revelation.  Let’s take a look at a few examples:

Genesis 12:8    Abram builds a personal altar to worship the One and Only

Psalms   The entire book is about a life of worship.  Through prayer and praise the psalmists lift their personal life to the Throne.

Luke 2:36-37   Anna has been a widow for many years.  Day and night, year after year, she fasts and prays, lifting praise to the LORD.

Revelation 7:11-12   This beautiful, dramatic scene gives us a picture of heavenly worship.  It’s ALL about God!

Worship can be loud.  It can be soft.  Worship can be with others or all alone.  It can be in a church, in a car, at the kitchen table or sitting on the porch swing in the mountains.  No matter where we are we are made to and for worship.

Ah, Lord, God, You alone are worthy of all my worship and praise.  You alone created the beauty around me, the people I share this life with, the stuff You have blessed me with.  Oh, Lord, make me so aware of Your bountiful blessings that all I can do is worship You.  Make it so!