Who Has Your Back?

Who has your back? Who’s on your six? Do you realize that in putting on the armor there is no mention of our backs ,  perhaps for good reason.   Let’s take a look at  Ephesians 5:10-18.

We are first commanded to put on the FULL armor of God.  All of it!  Not just once, but twice. When we have it all on we can stand against the evil one and the evil forces of this world.  Did you see the word stand.  No sitting down to get the job done.

Belt of truthThe Belt of Truth   Refers to personal integrity, i.e., knowing the truth and speaking the truth.  Simply put – Don’t lie.


Beastplate of righteousnessThe Breastplate of Righteousness   What is righteousness?  Honoring God by making the right choices.



800px-Caligae_from_sideFitted Feet   It was absolutely imparative that a soldier would have the solid footing given by strong and fitted sandals.  Then he could stand strong and move as needed to defeat the enemy.  The rest of this verse refers to the spreading the Gospel of Peace which is a reference to sharing the Word whenever the opportunity arises.  In other words – Be ready to talk about God.

shield-158587_960_720Shield of Faith  In battle the shield can be moved in any direction to deflect arrows, rocks, anything thrown at you.  Shields of ancient times were made of leather and soaked with water to extinguish fire.  The shield saves the soldier from harm just like our faith does for us.


160px-Helmet_typ_Weissenau_01Helmet of Salvation   The helmet obviously protects the head.  Simply said – God protects me.



300px-Uncrossed_gladiusSword of the Spirit  The sword is the only piece of offensive gear in this list.  All the others are used defensively.  It is used to reflect the Word of God.



And then we are to pray.  In any and all ways in the Spirit for all occasions for everything and everyone.  When this process is complete we are ready to face anything the evil one can throw at us.

But wait!  What about our backs?  Who has our back?  Quite simply, God does.  When confronting an enemy in battle our body is in a face forward position.  If someone sneaks in from behind we turn around.  The evil one is too vain to stay hidden, he wants to be seen eventually.  When all is said and done, God is really all around us.  Front, back, side, top, bottom…

Heavenly Father, help us to use the armor You have provided.  Give us strength, courage, faith, and wisdom.  Help us stay firmly rooted in Your Word, surrounded by Your love.  Lead us forward in the full knowledge that the battle is already won.  Make it so in Jesus name.

Blessings to you and yours!


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5 thoughts on “Who Has Your Back?

  1. Yes that is True Marie for those who are not prepared but in Christ Jesus as we see confirmed in the Scripture below we know Satan’s devices or Tricks, so we do not let him get a foothold in our lives, we obey God in everything.

    2 Corinthians 2:11 Lest Satan should get an advantage of us for we are not ignorant of his devices.(KJV)

    Blessings – Anne.


  2. A different view Marie but it is True God never leaves us to fight alone, the Battle is His which means we walk Victoriously, this is why we we don’t need back defense because with God’s Armour we are never in retreat, we advance confidently and Satan can’t sneak up on us because as the Scripture confirms we know all his Tricks when we are in Christ Jesus.

    “Christ”ian Love – Anne.


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