Sunday Shares

I read and follow many blogs throughout the week.  I have carefully selected a few of my favorites to share.  So, grab a cup of your favorite coffee and a cookie or two and enjoy a few moments of inspiration.

Kris Vallotton shares a verse (Acts 2:17-18) in his post, The One Generation God Favors, that is often wrongly used and quoted to help us understand God’s purpose for each of us in a time of revival.  Kris says, “How many of you understand that not only does revival not have a generation assigned to it, it doesn’t have a gender, nor is it reserved for a specific social class?”

Are you in a state of I cannot continue with the stay-at-home orders any longer? This list of I can not hits the nail on the head.  Over at – Where Thoughts of a Special Needs Mom Intersect With the Cross of Christ you’ll find a list of I cannot that will resonate even if you don’t have a child with special needs.

Jill Coven uses 2 Chronicles 2:14 (one of my favorite verses) to show us Which Way To Turn.  In Jill’s words – – “There is always a choice. It begins with our thoughts and which way we choose. We can choose to have a good day, even in the worst of days. We can turn our thoughts, lives, direction, and eternity around.” 

Pray hard! Pray often!

Blessings to you and yours!