Sunday Shares

I read and follow many blogs throughout the week.  I have carefully selected a few of my favorites to share.  So, grab a cup of your favorite coffee and a cookie or two and enjoy a few moments of inspiration.

Kris Vallotton shares a verse (Acts 2:17-18) in his post, The One Generation God Favors, that is often wrongly used and quoted to help us understand God’s purpose for each of us in a time of revival.  Kris says, “How many of you understand that not only does revival not have a generation assigned to it, it doesn’t have a gender, nor is it reserved for a specific social class?”

Are you in a state of I cannot continue with the stay-at-home orders any longer? This list of I can not hits the nail on the head.  Over at – Where Thoughts of a Special Needs Mom Intersect With the Cross of Christ you’ll find a list of I cannot that will resonate even if you don’t have a child with special needs.

Jill Coven uses 2 Chronicles 2:14 (one of my favorite verses) to show us Which Way To Turn.  In Jill’s words – – “There is always a choice. It begins with our thoughts and which way we choose. We can choose to have a good day, even in the worst of days. We can turn our thoughts, lives, direction, and eternity around.” 

Pray hard! Pray often!

Blessings to you and yours!



Choose Love

How often do we pray, “Father, let (help) me love everyone today,” then walk out of our ‘prayer spot’ and totally forget we’ve even asked?

Then, someone irritates us with their words…

Then, something happens that wasn’t planned…

Then, another person tells us what someone else has said about us…

Then we feel slighted by someone, in some way…

When we are commanded in John 13:34 to love one another like HE loves us there are no ifs, there are no buts, there are no ands.  One almost might say there are no options.  But there are actually two, right choices and wrong choices.  The above ‘thens’ have options.  We can choose to respond as HE would with kindness, love, patience, gentleness and, self-control.  We can choose to be hateful, gossipy, malicious, or controlling.  What choice we make shows others Whose we are.

Let’s make the right choice.  Love one another!

Blessings to you and yours!


Previously posted on 8/4/11.