Perfect Gifts

During the Christmas season, we are often focused on gifts. Giving and receiving. Let’s look at gifting in a little different way today.

What is the one thing you’re passionate about and do better than anything else?  It could be your life gift.

Ephesians 2:10 tells us that we are God’s creation and that He has specifically given us talents and gifts, that He ‘prepared in advance’, to use for the good of all. Although we want to connect this verse specifically to the Spiritual Gifts of Romans 12:3-8 and 1 Corinthians 12:1-11 it is much more than that.

I think our life gifts include the spiritual gifts as well as talents, abilities, and skills that are part of what makes us unique.

In Exodus 35:30-35, we are told that God gave two men specific skills and talents for building the temple. They were to teach these skills to those who wanted to help with the project. In the 13th Century before Christ, (during the Exodus) He already had a plan and had given people the ability to carry out that plan. He’s been giving specific, unique gifts, talents, abilities, and skills to His people (us) ever since.

Among the life-gifts God gives are many that help the local church function. Talents and skills such as musical abilities (composing, singing, playing instruments, performing), crafting (painting, building, sewing, designing, needle arts), home skills (cooking, cleaning, arranging, gardening), business knowledge (budgeting, accounting)… There are so many more and God wants them used for His glory!

I want to encourage you not to get wrapped up in false humility concerning these talents. When we say to ourselves or others that ‘I’m not as good at this or that than ________________’, we deny what God has given us to use in our worship of Him.  It is good that we recognize the talents of others but we have special gifts, talents, and skills of our own. God wouldn’t have given them if He didn’t expect us to use them.

Your life gifts are needed! Use them!

My prayer for you is that your Christmas and the year to come are filled with GOD’s amazing grace, love, and blessings!


This post was originally written on December 9, 2020, and titled Life Gifts.

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