Sunday Psalms 9

Psalm 9

Thank You for all You have done! You are the only ONE worthy of praise. You have judged my cause worthy and kept all enemies away. Their names will never be remembered.

You established Your throne for justice and judgment. Your decisions are and can only be right. You are the safe place for the oppressed. All who know You trust You. You are with all who seek You.

Sing His praises! Tell His story! Rejoice in His salvation!

The LORD has judged the nations. The wicked sat their own trap and got caught in it.

The wicked and all the nations who refuse to follow the One, True, God will be sent to hell.

The LORD has not and will not forget the poor and needy.

Show Yourself, LORD! Man doesn’t even come close to You!

Sunday Psalms are the Psalms in my own words.  You can click on the Psalm number at the top to read it from the English Standard Version.

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