Friday Faves

It’s Friday again. ¬†Yes, I know, that happens every seven days ūüôā ¬†Some of those weeks seem to go faster than others. ¬†The articles I’ve chosen for this week’s post are quite varied. ¬†I love data-driven posts and you’ll find two of them here. ¬†Since I’m always on the look-out for Bible study techniques, I was delighted to find one that works for kids and adults. ¬†Check them out!

Godly Counselors


5-Minute Bible Love Notes is one of my daily go-to blogs.  Gail writes with a clarity that comes from knowing God personally.  Her post, Godly Counselors, reminds us to select those we receive counsel from carefully.


VMapHope_edited-1In the article Digging Deeper: Engaging the Word of God (Kids), Deborah Haddix shares a technique that could also be applied to an adult study of individual Bible verses.



ChickfilasurveyI ran across this post quite by accident.  Very interesting data.  The Faith Equity Index uses publicly available information and corporate surveys to rank national brands.


Blessings to you and yours!



Pleasing Who? Pt. 2

Sometimes the things I write have a way of going full circle.¬† At Tuesday morning’s Bible Study a friend came to me with a piece of paper and said if I was really serious about my comments in Part 1 here is how I could follow through.¬† On this paper was the address of the prison closest to us.¬† He explained how to use their website to find those from our area.¬† Now I can write them notes of encouragement and I am excited about doing that.¬† Thank you friend!!!

The next way to please God is Hebrews 13:3b.¬† It tells us to remember those who are suffering.¬† Not just in our thoughts but as though we were right there with them going through what they are.¬† I think the reason for the admonition is we have a tendency to say things like, ‘I know what you’re going through’ or ‘a friend had the same thing happen’ or …¬† Friends I don’t care if the exact thing happened to me it doesn’t make it easier for the one suffering.¬† I’ve found that my presence, a hug, words that say I love you, I care about you, tell me what I can do, are much more supportive.

I think I could do a year’s worth of blogs on this next one.¬† MARRIAGE IS TO BE HONORED BY ALL.¬† Faithfulness to our spouse shows the world who and whose we are.¬† Immorality and adultery will be judged¬†by God.¬† 40 years of marriage to one person has taught me a lot.¬† Ray is my lover, my counselor, my confidant, my helper, my supporter, my friend…and I am his.¬† We are man and woman together and that’s how God intended it to be.¬† We honor God by not only honoring one another but honoring the marriages of those around us.

Do not love money!!!¬† Be satisfied with what you have!¬† God is not saying we can’t be¬†rich or not have possessions.¬† He is saying anytime, anything becomes more important to you than¬†HIM it becomes your god.¬† You can have no other gods.¬† We are to be satisfied with Him, in Him, and through Him.

Ah, Lord, God, mighty and powerful, You are my One and Only!  Thank You for the privilege of teaching Your word.  Help us desire above all to be more and more like You.  Let our words, our lives, our actions be pleasing to You.  I lift this prayer in the Precious Name of my Jesus.  Make it so!