Awed By His Provision

praiseAs I consider all that I am thankful for I am awed by the provision of Jehovah Jirah, My Provider.  There has never been a time that I was without food, clothing, shelter or Him.  Even through the darkest times of my life He has been a constant presence.  Oh, How He Loves You and Me!!!

Daniel’s words say thanks so beautifully:

“Praise the name of God forever and ever, for He alone has all wisdom and power.  He determines the course of world events; He removes kings and sets others on the throne.  He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the scholars.  He reveals deep and mysterious things and knows what lies hidden in darkness, though He Himself is surrounded by light.  I thank and praise you, God of my ancestors, for You have given me wisdom and strength.”  (Daniel 2:20-23)

Can we say the same.  Yes, we can!   Just like this…

Praise the name of God Most High!  He alone knows all and gives all.  He knows the plans He has for my life.  He charts everything that happens all around the world every second of every day.  He gives the perfect gifts and talents to each person.  He knows everything, every second, everywhere.  He knows what we want to hide and His Glory shines on every secret.  He alone, and no other god, is worthy of my constant praise.

My alphabet of thanks!  Thank You, LORD, for:

America, Bible, Cats, Dee and Deb, Eternity, Family and Friends, Goodness, Home, Imagination, Jesus and Joyce, Kindness, Life, Music, Nature, Opportunities, Parents, Quiet, Ray (Ruth, Rick, Robin) , Stella, Technology, Unity, Victory, Words, X (standing alone can be Christ or Christian), You, Zeal

Now it’s your turn.  Have some fun doing an alphabet for what you are thankful for!

May you be blessed, during this season of Thanksgiving, with the wonder and amazement of all you’ve been given.  Oh, How He Loves Us!

Jehovah Jirah

tetragrammatonOf all God’s names and characteristics Jehovah Jirah speaks most loudly to me.  There are actually several interlacing characteristics to this Hebrew term.

First, He is the One who sees.  He sees every second of my life and knows what is needed.  He puts everything in place so that my life will play out His purpose.  Galations 4:4 gives us a great picture of what this means.  It says, “When the fullness of time had come, God sent forth His Son, born of a woman…”  The fullness of time refers to the fact that everything was in place, everything had happened as it needed to, and God was providing what was needed.  Is that awesome or what? Every single gift, event, circumstance, trial and more is planned out by My Provider so when it reaches me it is the ‘perfect gift’. (James 1:17)

Another layer of Jehovah Jirah is that He is showing us.  He is revealing to us what He wants us to know as we seek His purpose for our lives.  He supplies everything that that we need for every part of our lives.  Paul tells us, “My God shall supply all my needs according to His riches in Glory…” (Philippians 4:19)

The third part of the Name is He is my provider.  Even though it is often the first thought that is applied to the Hebrew word (Jehovah Jirah)  the actual meaning goes far beyond material needs.  As the Creator of ALL that is, was, and is to come, there is nothing that is not at His disposal for me (us).  It is His to give whether it be physical or spiritual.  And more than that He wants to!!!!

Worship Him in song!     JEHOVAH JIRAH

Jehovah Jirah, my Provider, how can I say thanks for what You have provided and will continue to provide.  Yet I must.  It is incredible that my little speck of life is of such importance to You that You have orchestrated all that must happen to show Your Glory!  Thank You for humbling me with Your greatness!  Use my life, Lord!  Make it so in Jesus Precious Name!

Living Water

waterHave you ever noticed how many times water is used to describe a Biblical concept throughout the Word?  The Old and New Testament use this metaphor.  I’m going to focus today on a few of the ways water is connected to Jesus, the Living Water.

Turn to John 1:29-34 and let’s take a look at Jesus’ Baptism.  John makes a clear distinction between baptizing (The Greek word here is baptizo and means getting totally wet) with water and the Baptism of the Spirit.  Water baptism is obedience to the Lord’s call with a public affirmation of faith.  The symbolism here regards the complete washing away of our sin and rising to eternal life from the watery grave.  The baptism of the Spirit is what we receive when we acknowledge Christ as our personal Savior.  The Spirit completely indwells and covers us, never to leave.  It represents us to the world as God’s own.

The first miracle recorded in the Word is His turning the water into wine.  This account is found in John 2:1-10.  Mary tells Jesus the wine has run out.  Not a good thing to happen in a wedding celebrations.  It would have been very embarrassing because hospitality was a very big part of life in that time.  It is interesting that He appears to say no to His mother.  In reality He followed through.  On the surface of this miracle it would seem that turning water to wine is the main issue.  I think Jesus was starting the pattern of signs that would lead to our understanding that He is the Jehovah Jirah, the God who provides.  He wanted us to understand that as the Living Water He alone will provide all our needs.


Jesus uses water again to show the Woman at the Well that she needs to turn away from her sin and start a new life.  (Hm-m-m-m-m I see hints of our Baptism concept.)  John 4:5-26 tells the whole story.  Water is the true fountain of life.  One can live longer without food than they can without water.  As Jesus speaks to the Samarian Woman she understands and asks where she can get some of this Living Water.  Jesus explains His place in the metaphor and she gets it!  If you read the next few verses you find that she left her waterpot (a physical manifestation of the need for water) and went into the city to tell the men.  They came to see Him.  She filled Christ’s desire for us to ‘go and tell’.  (Perhaps she is the first missionary…)

There are many water metaphors.  Consider Luke 22:10 – You will see a man carrying a pitcher of water….John 19:34 – Water poured out of the wound left by the piercing of His side…Revelation 22:17 – The invitation to freely take the Water of Life.

Water is a visible representation of life from Genesis to Revelation.  Such a simple commodity, such an eternal function.

Heavenly Father, Giver of Eternal Life, I have tasted the Living Water.  Give me more.  Let me feast at your table…Let me drink of the Water.  Make it so!

Worship Him with song!   Let The Living Water