The Telephone Game

call-15924_640Did you play the Telephone Game in elementary school?  It started with the teacher whispering a comment in your ear then it got passed to the next student until it went all the way around.  It was often funny what the last person thought they heard.  Gossip is like that.  The first whisper is rarely the same as the last.  I makes me remember a time when Ray, my husband, was having a cath procedure done to see what what going on with his heart.  By the time it got back to us he was having a heart replacement.  Of course, we had to assure everyone who had heard the news that at the most he might have a stent placed.  That’s what happens, isn’t it?  Our words are repeated and repeated until they in no way resemble what was originally said.

The 9th Commandment says do not bear false witness.  Do not lie.  Do not speak untruths.  It could also say…QUIT GOSSIPING!  Over and over the Word tells us to bridle our tongues (James 1:26).  Perhaps a bridle should be part of the Armor!  Look at some of the verses I’ve put into my own words.

Proverbs 21:3  Keep yourself out of trouble by thinking before you speak.

Matthew 12:37  You will be both justified and condemned by every spoken word.

John 1:1  God is the Word!  Always has been and always will be!

Luke 6:35  What the mind is really thinking the mouth says!

Proverbs 18:13  Listen before you say anything.

Psalm 118:17  Live and talk about God!

evilThere is a song I remember singing as a child that says it all – – Oh, be careful little mouth what you say, for the Father up above is looking down in love, oh, be careful little mouth what you say.

One more thought…It is perfectly OK and perhaps even scriptural (see Titus 1:10 below) to ask the person who says to much, the gossip who shares to much, the abuser who is demeaning…to just Shut Up!

Titus 1:10  For there are a lot of rebels out there, full of loose, confusing, and deceiving talk. Those who were brought up religious and ought to know better are the worst. They’ve got to be shut up!  (The Message)

My fervent prayer is this:  Oh, LORD, My rock and my Redeemer, may the words of my mouth and the thoughts I am thinking be acceptable in Your sight.  (Psalm 19:14)




Open Mouth

Have you have gotten caught up in the moment and said something you wish you hadn’t?  Are there times when you wish someone would put a bridle on your mouth and completely control your words?  Are there times when you wish you could sleep all day, hide, play computer games that take over your mind…? Then, guess what, that makes us all normal and still forgivable and lovable.  The real question is…How do we overcome these times?

First, we must realize we are as much an at fault sinner as the one we directed our words toward.  God knows that!  He knew when He breathed the Word.  The Bible is full of admonitions, both Old and New Testament, to guard our words.

Second, we must ask for forgiveness and then follow through with a change of heart.  I can get on my knees 50 times a day, some days 500, and ask for forgiveness but unless I decide, with God’s help, to change, the words are empty.

Then, and the hardest of all, is to ask for forgiveness from the one who has been harmed by the words.  Unlike God, they may choose to be unforgiving.  If that happens give it back to God and continue mending the relationship.

There is a delightful children’s song that says: Oh, be careful little mouth what you say.  Oh, be careful little mouth what you say.  For the Father up above is looking down in love.  Oh, be careful little mouth what you say.

Psalm 19:14  May the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in Thy sight, oh Lord, my Strength and my Redeemer.

Heavenly Father, creator of all words and languages, Lord of my life, forgive me for words hastily spoken.  Control my words (and thoughts) toward or about others.  Let my life be acceptable to You.  Make it so!