Breathe on Me

I just came across another example of God’s ‘aliveness’ while studying His Word. Second Timothy 3:16 tells us that ALL scripture is God-breathed.  I found another set of scriptures that reinforces and strengthens this concept.

Turn Back To God

In John 20:22 we once again see the Breathe of God in action.  After Jesus’ Resurrection the Disciples have locked themselves in a room because they were afraid of the Jews.  Jesus had come to them to prove He really was Jesus.  After He spoke with them and reminded them of their mission He breathes on them and says, “Receive the Holy Spirit”.   As Jesus breathed on the original disciples His very breath is on us as we disciple those around us.  Are you saying, whoa, wait a minute here, how did she come to that conclusion?  It’s really quite simple.  I believe God’s word is God breathed and is alive and active in me AND every time I open the Word it is the Breath of God.  Verse 17 of 2 Timothy 3 says that the Scripture completes me and equips me for every good work.  The Breath of God is both on me and in me.


Think about Pentecost.  Acts 2:1-4 tells us that on Pentecost, (By the way, Pentecost is not a new Holy Day to the Jews.  It is the second of the OT established harvest festivals occurring 50 days after Passover.)  the sound of rushing wind came from heaven and filled the house where they were gathered.  Tongues of fire rested on them and they were filled with the Holy Spirit.  This time the Breath of God is perceived as what sounded like rushing wind.  (Scholars believe this outpouring of the Spirit filled the 120 present in the Upper Room.  The 120 represent those Believers who were part of the larger group that followed Jesus.  The 12 Disciples that were closest to Jesus were a part of this group but had already received the Spirit directly from Jesus.)

Whether God’s Breath is directly breathed as with the Disciples, sounds like a rushing wind as with the 120 or is breathed through the Scripture it is still His Breath.  Isn’t it awesome that we can experience it whenever we want to just by opening His Word.  Praise You Jesus!

Worship Him in Song!  Breathe on Me

Heavenly Father, breathe on me.  Fill me with Your Holy Spirit.  Make me constantly aware that You are constantly with me.  All praise to You, my God and King.  Make it so!