Psalm 2

It’s still snowing and blowing and cold…I truly love this weather.  I look out the windows in my home office and there’s a wonderland of white and it’s so beautiful.  God is painting new pictures every day around my country home and I am so thankful!  He’s reminding me that I have been washed whiter than snow.   My God shows me that He is with me all the time.  Amen and Amen!

Here’s another of my translations of the Psalms.  This one reminds me that even in the worst of political tension and wars God knows what is going on and He is in control.

Psalm 2


Worship the LORD!  Celebrate the LORD!  Honor the LORD!  Love the LORD!

Heavenly Father, in this scary and confusing world I know that I can take refuge in You.  I know that You are in control.  Heal our country and heal our land.  Let us know Your presence in these trying times.  Hear my prayer lifted in Jesus Precious Name.  Make it so!  

10 thoughts on “Psalm 2

  1. Thank you Anne! I’ve grown to sense your incredible Christian love across the miles and would not do or write anything to hurt you. Always feel free to contact me. You’re friendship means a great deal to me. Marie

  2. Hi Marie , it seems someone on WordPress is playing games, they must be hurting because hurt people deliberately hurt people and that is what they hoped to do to me and yes I was hurt to think you had lied to me and could not imagine why because we have been friends from the time I started Blogging over 3 years ago. I always felt I could be up front with you Marie and share from my heart as God wants us to do instead of wearing a mask and pretending to be Happy Clappy all the time like others do.

    Anyway when in doubt, I will contact you personally next time and others if needed, and also pray for this very sick person to come to their senses, God knows who they are and He tells us all things will be uncovered to Him who we give account , as we treat others so we will be treated.

    Blessings – Anne

  3. Hello Anne, I don’t know how that happened with WordPress. Most of the time I can’t figure it out but… I am blogging and will definitely be doing so through February, March and beyond if that is God’s plan. I’m hopping over to read the Snow poem. By the way, we’ve had almost 70 inches of snow this season. There is to be more come in this weekend. Once we go over 71 inches this will be the snowiest winter on record. Talk to you soon! Lovin’ you back! Marie

  4. God’s Word speaks to us all in different ways. I often use more than one translation when trying to determine what He is really saying. Listen to the still small voice. He breathes His scripture on each of us differently and above all else don’t give up. Someone may need to hear or see your words. Blessings to you and yours. Marie

  5. We don’t have Snow Marie close to where I live but I did enjoy going to Thredbo where it Snows in Aussie land but that was quiet a few years ago, our Caravan got snowed in but still as you said it was beautiful but then all God’s creation is awesome even bugs are needed. I wrote a poem about the Snow I will leave you the link below.

    Winter –

    Christian Love from us both – Anne

    P.S I’m still confused Marie why you said you would not be Blogging till March, or did I read it wrong? I’m a very straight person and like to be treated the same but perhaps I misunderstood what you meant, if so sorry.

    Also the notification from WordPress of your Like on my last Post did not have any of your Posts to click, which is strange because you have Posted recently but they often advise about old Posts anyway, perhaps you need to check with them why none were listed.

  6. In our limited human capacity I think we forget that “the Lord’s ways are not our ways.” What a comfort to those who feel like giving up because others have taken control of their lives or circumstances. Turn to the almighty one who “laughs at them” for peace and strength!

  7. Beautiful I have been wondering how to do it. Writing from the pslams, I’ve done a few but find them sometimes hard to do

  8. Amen! I was thinking earlier that it was so nice to feel the sun on my skin (as opposed to the sun on my sweaters and coats. it’s been cold here as well, but today we are blessed with mid-50s!

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